What to Expect – FAQ

Making my mind up

Is Shiatsu what I need?

How each of us responds to massage and to different practitioners is very individual. Whether you want to try something different or are looking to find a massage modality that you can rely upon long-term, you are welcome to come and experience a session!

What issues can be addressed?

Each session is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. And each session also looks at you as a whole person rather than the carrier of a problem that needs to be fixed. With this in mind, follow this link to find out more about specific conditions amenable to Shiatsu.


How do I need to prepare before a massage?

To make sure you get the most out of it, ideally leave some space and time around your Shiatsu appointment. If you can, refrain from smoking, caffeine or sugary drinks before a treatment, and avoid large meals / being hungry. Come with clean and comfortable clothing and avoid using strong perfumes / deodorants.

The Session

What will happen during my first Shiatsu appointment?

Though a typical session lasts around an hour, the first appointment might be slightly longer (up to an hour and a half), to allow time to connect, carry out a basic consultation and establish what you would like to focus on in the course of the session.

All treatments are performed on either a futon or a massage table; shorter treatments might be performed on a massage chair. If you have any physical restrictions, let me know beforehand so as to make appropriate arrangements.

What does Shiatsu massage do?

Areas of pain, tension or weakness are treated with due attention, through thumb pressure, palming and gentle holding and stretching, and specific work is integrated into a whole body massage. For more information on Shiatsu, see the Resources section.

Afterwards and follow up

How will I feel after Shiatsu?

Depending on what was worked on in the session and on your energy levels you can feel more energised or relaxed and sleepy. Either way, it is good to allow time after the session to allow the body to benefit fully from the Shiatsu. Drink plenty of water to help flush out any toxins released in the bloodstream from the massage. Avoid strenuous exercise – relax and enjoy!

What are the benefits of having regular Shiatsu?

Regular Shiatsu can help build confidence in and awareness of your body and help maintain and enhance your wellbeing. In this light, four or five Shiatsu sessions provide a good foundation, and the best spacing normally varies from a week to a month apart. Thereafter, whatever arrangement fits with your lifestyle.

Are there other benefits in choosing Shiatsu?

Receiving Shiatsu can also be a way into exploring Eastern philosophy and outlook with regard to health and wellbeing. Over time, attention can also be given to diet and exercise, and to support lifestyle changes if appropriate. Specific pressure points and breathing exercises can be offered, helping you become more resilient and resourceful in dealing with stress and change.