I have received Shiatsu massage from Lucio during all my pregnancy and after the birth of my first daughter. I felt an incredible benefit for my aches at the hips and the tension in the lower back. It worked magic with morning sickness and heartburn. During the sessions I experienced an emotional connection with my baby, and this gave me a great sense of calm and positive thinking.

The treatments received after the birth were also very powerful. Shiatsu helped me very much to regain my energy, release pain and mentally relax, so as to be able to cope with my new life. Lucio is a very gentle and compassionate person, with a fantastic positive energy. Every session has been a wonderful treat, an incredible experience that I would highly recommend to everyone!

Luigia Di Nicola, Geologist


It’s an absolute pleasure receiving shiatsu from Lucio. As well as giving a deep, relaxing, and perceptive massage, his gentle and playful demeanour puts you very much at ease. I highly recommend him

Glen Williams, Tai chi teacher