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After a period of exploration, running taster sessions at markets and fairs, I have now settled my practice in Inverness, Rosemarkie and Dingwall! You can book both tasters and full-length treatments on:

Appointments outside these times can also be arranged, at the venues mentioned above or as home visits.

Gift vouchers are still available as Christmas presents, I can send them by post up until Saturday 21st December!

This is also the last week for a pre-Christmas shiatsu, doors open again on Monday 13th January.

Merry good times to All!


Time for Shiatsu made its first official appearance on the Black Isle, at the Black Isle Gathering, “a free biennial community market of community groups, small businesses, churches, sports clubs etc which takes over the entire ground floor of Fortrose Academy”. It was a great day, giving 10-15 minute tasters from 11 until 4: non-stop shiatsu, powered by an amazing ukulele orchestra with choir! Thanks to the organisers, to Claire at Herbal Heritage Scotland for sharing the stall and helping me when my hands were busy, and a greeting to all the people I met on the day!


Just in time before Christmas (!!), I would like to share with you my new website,,  a platform for information and resources about Shiatsu, and an easy way to keep in touch, arrange bookings and find out what I am up to!

I’ll let you explore it in your own time, just a few news and highlights:

  • As of mid-February I will be relocating to the Black Isle! I will still be practicing shiatsu and will keep regular visits to Glasgow (see the Travel Diary section of the website)
  • Gift vouchers are available for (late) Christmas presents (or timeless presents if you prefer!), maybe someone you forgot about :) (see Pricing & Offers)
  • Feedback & Testimonials

For the benefit of newcomers to Shiatsu, I am looking to link up conditions treated by Shiatsu with testimonials from someone like you who has already come for a Shiatsu and survived, so if there is anything you want to share, that would be really appreciated, and it would go on the testimonials page. I am also happy for feedback without it necessarily going to the website. If you are happy for it to go online, let me know how you would like to be acknowledged (name/initials, age, profession are helpful for people reading)

Hope to see you sometime in the New Year before I go! Look forward to hearing from you!

Merry Winter times in the growing light,



p.s. Special thanks to Doug Summers @  for the website design, and to Becky Duncan @ for the photoshoot! …And to all friends, family and shiatsu colleagues for help along the way!

massage more primordial than what you might expect!
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